• giuseppe palazzo, sound designer, audiokinetik, Wwise, non-linear, sound design, interactive music, adaptive music, middleware, audio engine

The dialogue between an game engine and an middleware sound engine allows the music to interact with the story of the game, with few tracks and an important saving of computational resources making the user experience involving and overwhelming

Layered approach is used for the composition. Music will be re-orchestrated every X bars in real time in a really high number of combinations creating a dynamic game with few tracks and an important saving of computational resources.

The behavior of tracks is managed in Wwise than is integrated like plugin in UE4 and in play mode music does exactly what has been planned.

Create a dynamic score that can react to the player’s actions and changes to various circumstances in the game with re-sequencing (sequential approach), switching and transition systems, dynamic music mixing for making the UX involving and overwhelming.

Sound Design & Game Scoring Designed For LEAF Games & Software

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