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Trailering is the art of effectively blending sound design with soundtracks used for film and video game previews. The purpose of the trailer is to support and integrate, with technique and ability, the message of the product. Many trailers are usually released for movie or video game and their duration vary from 10 seconds to 2 minutes and more. Although the trailer takes a few seconds, tracks used in a DAW are several, which implies skills in mixing and spatialization

Every sound of this trailer is original, no samples

Synthesis: granular subtractive designed with Siel Cruise oscillator and digital noise
Foley & field recording: Zoom H1, SE Electronics 2200a
Editing: Izotope RX 6, Logic Pro X
Trailer scoring: Logic Pro X as DAW and many virtual instruments
Mixing: in the box and analogue mixer summing in Soundcraft 400B

Sound Design & Game Scoring Designed For LEAF Games & Software

The game combines the speed, the precision and the mechanics of a 90s-early 00s first person shooter with high quality sci-fi graphics. In both game mode, classic free for all and deathmatch, linked to the new ritual one, you are allowed to wipe out your enemies utilizing high jumps and powerful weapons

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